What's your taste in wedding rings? Post a pic?

I'm really curious to see what kind of rings everyone likes. I recently picked mine out last month :) unfortunately I don't have a picture! They wouldn't let me take a picture! Here are some guy rings that I was looking at though.

What's your taste in wedding rings? Post a pic?
I thought the black one would suit him, but he liked the wooden style more.


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  • I would love to know why women need a huge diamond, or any diamond, for a wedding and engagement ring? it is just the absolute must for most. But guys just end up with plain bands most of the time.
    when I was married I had similar to the bottom pic with the tag on it. I actually had a slightly fancier one with a cross and "diamond" lol fake and small, on it. but that did not represent me after time as i went from sorta faking being religious to not at all religious.


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  • Platinum or tungsten


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