Who here is getting married bc they want a maid? Like I know this guy who can't handle rela relationships but already knows he'll get married?

as if it's just a thing On his to do list. My guess is he wants to square away someone care of the chores.


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  • No. Not me. Actually I'm hoping to learn to cook, clean and take care of myself completely before I settle down, both so I can be independent, so I can prove I can do it and because I'd look to do those things for my future wife (if I get married).


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  • not me. fuc that I have boundaries. I'll clean my OWN fucking house if it comes down to it. I don't want to tho.. I don't like cleaning.. it hurts my soul... and I just always hope someone else will clean up for me! I'm not a slob I promise... kinda! D:!