Why do things not work as he told me?

When I opened my inner feelings to him, that I felt that nobody wanted to get close to me, he told me that it was because I haven't take the initiative, I am shy, and I don't open to the others, that if I tell him what I feel, he would understand me. Then I proposed myself to change that, to open to the others, show my feelings and to talk about any subjects.

But I have seen that the story is the same, after a period of time, the others around me, including him, become more reserved with me, no one wants to talk to me, or if I talk to them, it's because I am looking for them and they only have little conversation with me.

He has been at first very sociable with me, but as time passed by, he started to speak to me less, and became what he told me I was seen by him at that moment. And that one day I will find someone who can really understand me (although I open myself to him, while he has done less with me).

Why did he tell me all that if he now demonstrates me the opposite? Why is he now contradicting about what he told me before?


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  • He's confused


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