My fiance got raped?

My fiance got raped three weeks ago (she doesn't know remember much about it) and the guy even soled her engagement ring. She doesn't want to do anything sexual. How to can I got to sleep with? I have needs. If I'm missing the point please me (nicely). We haven't really the wedding yet since got engage 4 months ago.


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  • You will absolutely have to wait till her therapy is finished (I sincerely hope she sees a therapist)

    Until SHE proposes sex.

    No alternative.

    Right now she needs love. Cuddling, not sex.

    Rape is very serious and hurts mentally even MUCH more than physically. Some never get over it.

    You shouldn't even be worrying about your needs but you should be worrying about HER distress. You should be showing your love and esteem.

    If you love her, your needs will come second. Your right hand can take care of your 'needs'.

    It's way worse for her than it might be for you.


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  • Um not to be rude but your fiance just got raped and the only thing you can think about is YOUR needs?! It's been 3 effing weeks, man! Give he some time and take care of your own damn needs instead of pressuring her! She's probably feeling dirty and ashamed for not being able to stop the sick pervert! And the very thought of sex will only make her think of the rape! Why don't you try comforting her instead of being a selfish, sex driven prick! If you can't do that for her then she deserves someone much better than you!

  • for god's sake 3 weeks! you gotta wait , if you said three years we would understand but three weeks is less than a month! who cares about your needs! she needs you to be there for her right now , not whinning about how much you want sex, get over it, she got raped GET THE PICTURE!

  • 1. get her tested

    2. Let her chill out.

    3. Give her time and give her space and try to kiss her, see how that turns out...

    although she's going through a rough time, let her relax that's a tough thing to go through getting raped.

    Stop thinking about your needs think about her, because that's something shell never forget! Now be a man and be a loving husband like you're going to be and make her the best woman in the world (in your perspective) This is NOT the time to be thinking about your needs

  • I would simply say to you & your freaking .. WTF !

  • To be rude...i don't give a hott about ur feelings. Fuck yourself dude. You trying gettiin raped and let me know how you feel you f***in prick!


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  • This woman recently got raped, and all you're concerned with is busting a nut. You do not deserve this woman.

    • Wow,you're such a decent guy

    • Your comment agaetis, while appreciated, somewhat saddens mean. It shouldn't be assumed someone is 'decent' only because they wouldn't be an (_o_) to a woman that just got raped. Even most complete jackas*es would have SOME compassion in this situation =\

    • Me* not mean o.O

  • Dude honestly you have a bad way of going about things. If your fiance got raped sex should be far from your mind. You should take her of her and make sure she's ok. If all you can think about is sex then to be honest you two shouldn't get married.

  • yeah dude, chill.

    watch porn for now.

    but don't pressure her man, she probably just had the worst experience of her life.

    I'd say she probably needs a hug more than freakin' sex... you ever think of that?

  • Find an alternative for sex, and when you find one keep doing it for the rest of your life so that you don't breed.

  • It's only 3 weeks! I would understand if you said 3 years. She needs you to be there for, for now your needs can be dealt with on your own.

  • Quit trollin, dogg

  • there is no way someone can be so stupid. I detect a troll.

    • Guys like that do exist. It's a shame but they do exist.

    • Me too. Pidjin engrish.

    • Well Jacque, I guess anything is possible. Takes all kinds to make the world go round. I really think this guy is trolling though. If he really was the f***face is is trying to be he would have made it more believable. There is no way he is more concerned about getting nookie from his imaginary fiance' after she was just raped......there is something a lot of men do (which is kinda messed up also) but this isn't typical. I am not going to say it because I don't want to give him ideas.

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