I hope this is not true but if it is howcome most in most weddings most couples wear suits and dresses?

I don't get that because for me I would want in me and my partners wedding to dress in what clothes we find attractive on each other and we would want Angels and Demons to provide the wedding. I also feel outnumbered due to this because I feel like in this world most people are against what I desire and worship in anything I mean all I know is that this world is nothing but a war zone that's all earth is a war zone that's what it means for their to be land and water also for life to exist.


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  • It represents the bride of christ. The white is a christian symbol of the husband cleansing her and of her virgin status and of the holy church being the bride of God (the bible says men should love their wives as God loves the church). the blackness of the groom is associated with the formality of the ceremony - that he takes his vows seriously. It might stem from the Jewish traditions from which Christianity was birthed from since Orthodox Jewish men will often dress in black and white to show people that their intentions in life are serious.

    • I know certain religious people are like that and for that not all I hope it's just all an illusion I mean due to the fact that this world is a war zone is this world really full of 1 type of person like for example your telling me a lot of people have their weddings set a certain way and yet everyone is different but I people sometimes act as if that's a bad thing which doesn't make sense to me I mean the bible has to be different for everyone too different churches have different bibles and each bible or each set of bibles are different that's what I think but thanks for your input

  • its just tradition.


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