Muslim Islamic marriage laws?

Can someone tell me all the laws of marriage
I mean Muslim/Islamic marriage please


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  • Are you asking about the WHOLE "marriage in Islam" topic"? Lol that can't be explained In one comment, people are writing books about that, but here are some links

    However, if you are asking about a specific thing or a specific situation, then you can ask me and I will try my best to answer.

    • I'm just after the actually agreement contract laws
      He is Sunni we will marry da'ima
      N do proper nothing before marriage etc

    • Are you a Christian or a Jew? Because a Muslim man can only marry Muslim, Christian or Jewish girls.

    • Christian

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  • You must be a virgin and you must be the same religion

    • That's not true.

      A Muslim man can marry a Christian or a Jewish girl, but a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man.

      And Islam doesn't prevent its followers (men and women) from marrying non-virgins. It's a matter of choice here.

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    • Omg this is why their is still racism in the world today one act does not conflict on the rest of a tribe , nationality etc every single person is different just like Australians who rape , murder etc u don't see all them do same everyone is different some good some bad.. Get over ur self

  • Some facts so no one tricks you , i'm a muslim myself from egypt :

    1 - you DO NOT need to be virgin to marry (well most women here claim they are while they are not , and it's sad because it's a bad way of disrespecting the religion ) but if it's known that ur not without being married before , then forget about marriage cause you will rarely get it

    2 - you DO NOT need to be of the same religion , islam did not forbid the marriage of other religions for men/women , some people in some countries of islam may prefer muslim women , and some ALWAYS want foreign women

    3 - There are no *rules* to what the man does and the woman does , or to give it in a more clear way , treat this marriage like any other marriage out there , yes you may find books and articles about it but trust me , if u want to marry a muslim guy , it's WAY WAY simpler than those books/articles may sound
    YES there are some contracts and some specific regulations , but those are just paperwork that MUST be done but other than that it won't have any meaning to you

    4 - There are different *viewpoints* in islam , in arabic it's called ( mazaheb ) , like sunni , shia , and many others , what i spoke about is the sunni ONLY , others have different specific rules that i do not know about

    5 - And for divorce it can be initiated by either party BUT there is a difference hear , if a man divorces his wife , he can do it in 1 hour , just paper work and it's done ( with the money and women's rights and children mostly go to her as they agreed when conducting the marriage process ) , BUT if a woman wants a divorce , she HAS to go to a court and most of the times her request is accepted UNLESS she just wants a divorce without presenting a real reason

    6 - And it's an advice , if and thats IF you want to marry a boyfriend is from the muslim brotherhood ( it's a religious-politician group with long long history that you can search for yourself ) then please just leave him , those people think in a way that you will NEVER understand

    7 - And that NEEDED to be in a specific topic , a muslim man can marry up to 4 women , that one is totally strange to you so you must have known it

    • Thks n he is Sunni
      Most of this I now
      But would like to know if anyone knows the laws in the contract

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    • Yes I know about but online doesn't really go in to detail I know I'd have to reverse first as I would want it written only me no other wives no matter what , but as for what else is in the contract is what I'm needing to know

  • they're a joke. that only binds women. a muslim man has COMPLETE control. he can sell you, marry others etc. i muslim man can also divorce a woman with three simple words: i divorce you.

    • Some Australians can divorce by simply signing paper

    • either way, they don't value marriage. it's not a game you just quit whenever it's too hard

  • Varies by country. In Turkey, like other countries, we do legal marriage.

  • Are u a muslim woman? I AM muslim i can explain you if you whant PS: i i speak french and arabic so i have a bad English but ask any question you want i would be pleased to answer you :D

    • I am australian
      He is Sunni
      I want to know all the marriage laws of Islam marriage as in contract

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    • And it's OVER ! after that you can go to the city Hall or i don't know were to legalise your wedding
      That was the 3 islamic rules of wedding. but in some islamic country you can find other traditions added by people , witch are not obligatory a can even being Haram !
      PS: the first step was for the non muslim Woman , for the the muslim one and witch have a wal'lee it's another thing
      PS: if you think it's complicated, maybe yes but it's for the safety and god of the woman
      if you want to talk more about you can contact me on my Skype : bmsoheib
      i wish you'll have a wonderful life :D

    • Do u have line to talk

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