Girls, would you have a problem signing a prenup? Guys, would you feel comfortable asking for one?

Many men cite the gender bias in divorce cases, divorce laws and the statistics which indicate that women are more likely to ask for divorce, get alimony and get custody as reasons why they refuse to marry. Some have suggested proposing a prenup before the marriage while some question whether they do any good. But I wanted to ask both genders two questions:

Girls: would you feel comfortable signing a prenup if you were asked to by your fiancee?
Please say how you would react in the poll below.

Guys: how do you think most girls would react if they were asked to sign a prenup and would you feel comfortable asking for one?
Please say how you think most girls would really react in the poll below.

  • I'd ask him to sign mine first.
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  • I'd have no problems with it and I'd more than likely sign it.
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  • I'd be cautious about it and wonder why he was asking.
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  • I'd be worried about it and get a lawyer to review the prenup and think seriously about the relationship.
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  • I'd refuse to sign it as it suggests he doesn't trust me/doesn't have faith in the relationship.
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  • I'd break up with him then and there.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't have a problem with it. I'd sign it as long as it's equal. He gets his stuff I get my stuff.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Honestly, a prenup should be a given in today's society, the amount of women that want a divorce for whatever reason and end up with the kids, house, car, money, etc and then get child support on top of that

    He's just being smart by doing this


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What Girls Said 3

  • If I had anything significant to my name I'd ask for a prenup but I don't so there was no reason to have one. My husband thought the same way.

  • I'd totally want to sign one. He could even video tape it if he wants. I've heard of some people doing that for proof.

    • You wouldn't be offended or think he's not really committed to the marriage?

    • No. I'd want one too.

  • I'd sign it as long as an infidelity clause is attached. In other words if he slips then the prenup is now invalid. I plan on being very successful and wealthy so I would have a prenup as well. You can be in love and smart at the same time. Mark Zuckerberg had his wife sign a prenup on top of getting married after his IPO. Smart cookie.


What Guys Said 4

  • I would sign one but I have nothing to give, however that could change by the time I am married. Also if the other person does have something to give than I would feel weird not signing it.

  • Funny, my ex asked ME for the pre-nup.

  • I wouldn't marry without one, and I don't see why anybody should be objected to it.

  • The minute someone questions a pre-nup, is the minute you should question their true intentions.

    • You could say the same about the minute someone proposes a prenup.

    • How do you figure?
      The one who proposes a prenup is hardly in it to chop the other person in half.