Girls, would you be open to a "traditional" marriage?

I'm not saying I want to "force" a woman into anything, nor am I trying to demean my future love by any means. Most men, despite the rumors do not. I simply choose a certian lifestyle, and I am curious how many women out there would be at least open minded to the possiblity.

To clarify this is also assuming the notion of having children isn't a dealbreaker for you.

  • Yes, in fact I would actually prefer it
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  • Yes, I would be open to the possiblity for my love
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  • No, not completely, but I would like to be more involved with the family.
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  • No, just not my thing and a deal breaker.
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  • Other, please explain.
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  • This is what make me laugh. A lot of guys want a traditional marriage and yet bitch when they have to pay alimony. I've seen many people balance work and children. It's what I'd like to do. I wouldn't ever consider having a house husband though.


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  • If other people are happy with that, then they should do it. But it wouldn't be for me, I want my own job. I love helping people, and I am planning to be a nurse. I wouldn't be able to just stay home I would to bored, even with kids. But if other people are happy with it, they should do it, but it isn't for me.

  • I'm not against traditional, as well as anything that makes people happy.
    But traditional isn't for me.

    I mean, I'm marrying a guy. But that's about as traditional as it gets.
    I'm not into gender roles. I work hard, I'm getting a career, I want my animals, and no kids.

    But, he's good with that.

    And, I know lots of girls who are super into the traditional way.

    • Thank you. You opinion is most appreciated. It is comforting there are lots of girls you know super into the traditional way. I hope they find a man who can make them happy as much as I hope for happiness myself.

  • Yeah, that's what I like.

  • I would never be interested in a traditional marriage. I want my own job and money and I could never depend on someone else for those things.

    I never want children but if I had them, I would still work.

    I would never judge someone for being a stay at home parent, I would even be open to my husband being one if he wanted actually lol but it's not for me personally.

  • I would, but it depends on the guy. So many guys say they want a traditional relationship but don't hold up their part of the equation

  • I want to work too but id take a few years off to raise the kids.

  • well clarify that lifestyle

    but yea i prefer traditional marriages... people now a days a lot of them seem either really confused or plain stupid... or both

    • Agreed.

    • To clarify the "lifestyle" it is where the man works and the woman is a stay at home wife and mother. I don't understand why so many in today's society demean stay at home mothers, say they are lazy and not contributing to society. I was raised by one, I know that it is quite a difficult task.

    • wellllll maybe not that one lol
      not because of the demeaning part but i didn't work that hard to be a stay at home, my kids will come first over any career of course, but i still want a job you know

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