My boyfriend wants to ask my parents for their blessing?

We've been discussing at length the idea that somewhere down the road we'd get married. This has been a conversation that has been going on for 3 out of the four years of our relationship so when I mean we've discussed it at length, I mean at LENGTH lol

We have some "modern traditional" values and I think it'd be sweet (and my parents (my dad) would appreciate) if my boyfriend extended the gesture of asking for their blessing for our marriage. Note: blessing =/= permission. It's going to happen regardless, but the gesture would be nice.

So he was thinking of ways to do this... here's his idea... would you appreciate the gesture?

It's more or less just a way for him to tip his hat to my parents and show them that he has real intentions.

He wants to involve food (because my dad loves a good steak lol).

Now, here's his decision:

a) Should he invite my parents to his house and cook them a meal himself?
- Steak on the grill
- Mushroom Risotto
- Grilled Asparagus


b) Should he take them out and buy them dinner?
- He'd take them to a hibachi grill they've never been to that serves REALLY good food. You get noodles, rice, grilled veggies, and a meat of your choice (steak, chicken, shrimp).

He's a REALLY good cook though so it'd be really good food.

What should he do?

  • Cook at home
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  • Take them out
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  • Your biggest concern should not be the venue for this event but what he says and does to make them comfortable under those circumstances.


Most Helpful Girl

  • he should cook at home. it'll have more meaning than just showing that he knows how to spend money. since he's such a good cook, the easy answer would be to cook them a meal on his own.
    i think it's kinda odd that you know all about it and stuff. i'd want it to be a surprise!

    • Yeah... I wanted one too. But it's very complicated as to why I know. I told him he wasn't allowed to tell me when he asks or when he gets the ring so he can surprise me with the actual proposal seeing as the whole thing being a surprise for me is kind of ruined.

    • oh ok, at least that much is a surprise! thats awesome. congratulations for whenever it happens ;)

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What Guys Said 3

  • So basically your boyfriend is bribing them with food.

  • If you even care, I think it would be more obvious that there is something planned, if he invites your family to a nice resturant.

    It would also be more personal if he cooked it himself, but it doesn't really matter.

    Do whatever you want!

  • Cook at home all the way


What Girls Said 3

  • Cook at home. If you're appealing to traditional values, then a good home-cooked meal will work better than taking them out somewhere :)

  • definitely cook at home, its sweet how he cares so much about your parents feelings and i hope everything goes well for you

  • He should cook at the house so you guys can all have some private time to talk and chat.

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