Would most women in the US be greatly bothered if their fiance wants a prenup agreement in their marriage?

I often hear a lot of men complaining about getting financially screwed over by their ex-wives but apparently, they've never heard of a prenup. Some say they never agreed to a prenup with their ex-wives because they'll start getting mad and turned off of a marriage potential happening.

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  • I don't mind signing a prenup but I would find it weird for someone who doesn't have a lot asking for one. Also a prenup only protects what you had before the marriage and not during. I plan on being wealthy so I would have my future husband sign one as well. ;)


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  • the wealth of a wife must be independent, even if she is a billionaire her husband is obliged to provide her needs, and it is forbidden to him to spend even a cent from her money without her acceptance, and when she does, it considers charity not a duty.
    Therefore earnings during the marriage won't be divided 50 / 50 due to the independence of wife's wealth.
    That is what Islam teaches us.

    • Better than signing a prenup agreement or getting earnings divided 50 / 50.

    • A greedy girl downvoted me.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Nope, I wouldn't be offended by that at all. I'm married and we have a prenup. I can only hope that it holds up in court if we ever break up.

  • I wouldn't be offended. In fact, I'm rather pushing for one myself.

  • I would prefer one actually. I have my own things and i'll keep mine, he can keep his.

  • why should it bother them?

    • Because a lot of men behind a computer keep making these assumptions that women who are marrying them are only after their money.

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    • Supposedly because women receive no money or possessions at all from their ex-husbands once they file for divorce. Without prenups, women can rightfully take half of their ex-husbands hard-earned income once the ex-wife files for divorce.

    • that might bother a lot of them to be honest. but, if the spouses have a mortgage together, then they still mat be tied together by debt even if they divorce anyway.

What Guys Said 1

  • If they can't agree to a prenup then they are gold diggers.