Who is willing to risk her marriage for me?

so i really REALLY think our (grand) parents were on to something, the more i follow advice that people now refer to as "lame" or "old" or w/e... the better things get especially guy advice
and i really think traditional gender role might sound bad but they really aren't... women were just les defensive and more confident or something (i dont mean dark ages for women... i mean more like women being feminine AND LADY LIKE and guys being rugged and masculine AND GENTLEMEN) like women cooking or cleaning with a bit of help from the guy... that stuff ya know

im sure a lot have seen a post that goes something like " a lady never...(this or that)... well then i guess its time to join the army !" and they are so proud of being anything BUT ladies... why? what's so wrong with being elegant, classy and respectable?
now look at things nowadays, women are acting like pigs, men are treating women like men, and those GAGers pushing the "hit women" thing, men are more decietful and less chivalrous/manly than before,,, like A LOT less (like i said treating girls like guys) ... etc etc

so i know this is practically impossible but wouldn't hurt to ask... i need to ladies, one to be the modern type of girl and another to be an old fashioned lady (you dont have to be a house wife but like act like women back in the days with your husband) and i wanna know the results of each

p. s: im talking more about western society


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  • I agree with you. Women do care a lot less about their children, nowadays. It's disgusting, and makes me want to have kids with none of them.

    • heey!
      this is about women... but it doesn't mean men are angles

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    • and no i didn't lol its cool

    • Oh, alright, now it makes sense, ha ha!

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  • I don't know. Whatever floats your boat I guess.
    I am an engineer which makes me spend most of my time around guys. And at some point I just became one of the guys... when they start fist bumping you and talking about porn around you, you can only accept the fact that in order to get along you need to act like a guy.
    Then I go home and am expected to be a lady who faints at the sight of blood and needs a man to hold the chair for her so she can sit? Nah... My 2 worlds would clash sooner or later. I even have an internal struggle when I want to wear a skirt or apply nailpolish when I am around the guys. That's just too much work...

    • oh well... then i guess that's a different case lol
      at least you get a long lol i hear a lot of engineers dont respect women at the workplace because they see her as less of an authority figure
      is that true?

    • Well, I think at first some are a bit sceptical about your abilities but once they know you won't go all girly and start crying when something goes wrong and can actually get some work done, they respect you. It's not easy I guess but by the time you graduate you already know what to expect from the outside world. when you are the only girl in some of your classes and can't find anyone to become your lab partner cuz you're a girl, you know it won't be a ride in the park but it's very fulfilling and a lot more women get into engineering these days.

    • oh so it depends on the girl and her attitude basically?
      well thats nice to hear

      my brother is in engineering school he petty much has no girls in his classes xD hehe

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  • The reason society is like this is because people are losing respect for woman. We used to be valued for our ability to be good house keepers, mothers, grandmothers, religious instructors, volunteers and friends and now woman are valued for their ability to provide money and sex.

    • maybe... but look around, a lot of women care more abouttheir jobs than their kids, give it up waaaaaaaaaaaay to quick and easy (guys dont even have to be in a relationship with her), a lot are very lazy around the house... well grandmas are still cool lol

      but yea its true but i think women are guilty in making it happen as well..