Who are the best men to marry?

Someone posted here about sometging and in the middle of it he said that American rank #5 (or one of the top 5) best husbands Who is #1 then? P. s: free MHO for who ever brings me that list/survey 😂😂

anyone else?


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  • Statistically, I'm sure society has come up with "the right answer" which is just really fucking stupid if you think about it because realistically, it all depends on you, the person deciding, not some list of which region you should travel too in order to find the perfect/best groom. People are different, from one individual to the next we are all different. When it comes to true love, don't let demographics and statistics get in the way of shit. You ultimately decide what is best for you and he will be the best man to marry.

    • well of course, but these things usually study the situation in a country or like the background of that place which can affect people
      like divorce and domestic violence rates... etc

      and it's not like im gonna travel to kidnap someone to marry xD lol
      just curiou thats all

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  • Any man that is:
    Approximately 3 years older than you
    Of the same educational level as you or slightly higher
    Approximately 2 inches or more taller than you
    Earns approximately 5,000 US dollars or more than you annually
    Drives a car approximately 2 years newer than yours
    Has a house or apartment approximately 1000 square feet bigger than yours
    Has approximately 10,000 US dollars or more in savings than you
    Has a newer smartphone than you

    This is based on what women want

    • this is actually interesting... and about the age i actually prefer 4-8 years age gap

      but why do you say that? and it sounds VERY specific

  • Iceland, at least in this top ten list.


    • swiss guys sound awesome though lol

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