In a loveless marriage feeling affection for a single mom?

I got married at a young age. I didn't know any better. I have 2 kids with my wife. We have been at the brink of separating before. I love her as the mother of my children but not much more. I met this single mother who has her own problems with her "baby-daddy" I feel like I am meant to be with this woman. I just can't explain it. I'm about to move away to a different state and I am having a difficult time coming to terms about my departure. I feel that I am making the biggest mistake of my life. Any help?


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  • I am sure that you felt you were "meant to be" with your wife when you married her. If you want to divorce your wife then move on, same for this other married woman, if both of you are willing to do that for each other then maybe it is meant to be. If either of you are not willing to divorce to be together, well, that speaks volumes.

  • Yes, you are making a huge mistake and if you live the US you may wind up having to pay child support for this kid who isn't even yours.