To the love of you life how would you proposed or enjoyed to be proposed to?

We have seen over the years and read about how creative , elaborate , romantic to be proposed to. Now I'm not sure if you have seen the Howie Mandell FlashMOb Marriage proposal. That is the extreme , overwhleming way to be proposed to. Is it for everyone?

I will leave lots of types and styles of proposals or you can come up with your own.
As a woman would you propose instead of him and guys would be ok and/or great

Would you love the Howie Mandell Mobbed elaborate proposal and girls , would you be the one doig it instead of Him.

Would you prefer a not as elaborate surprised proposal , something like Baseball satdium Scoreboard Proposal , or a ring hidden in food or pastry that ou suddenly discover. Or girls have that done to him.

How about proposal that is done to the father of future fiancee , Or Girls you asking the mother , she wants to give her son away

A romantic get away , where the standard , yet classy , two people quietly in a romantic setting , he goes down to one knee. Girls would you want to do that?

I know some are very traditional other shocking and surprising , yet does it change your answer if you are mobbed.
If you would say no if the one in your life proposed at this point , even if you are mobbed and the proposal is amazing , on TV ( recorded for) with 10 of thousands of people involved in the making , could you say no if that was your answer?
Would you say yes in front of him and Howie , but later have a discussion only to find out , your family and the minister is there for the ceremony , and the wedding is also part of the proposal.

I'm curious as to what people hope and would love to plan.
What if you are mobbed and want to say no.

With so many possibilities laid out here , lets see , what you'd agree to do and what would be a "I hope I never have to proposed this way"


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  • I always had the idea of taking her some place high in a mountain/ hill and as we would be looking at the beautiful landscape I'd signal someone to ignite the fires/ lights that would make up a "will you marry me" sign or something like that. Then I push her off the mountain.

    lol jk