How important is equality in a marriage? Define what do you mean equality?


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  • I get to visit my girl friends and family now and then... video chat etc.

    He is willing to go on double dates with my friends as I will be willing to go with him with his friends.

    The specific examples ^^


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  • You know i must be honest with "equlity", i feel so confused by it at times. It seems like a very robotic kind of lifestyle for me. She does this and so i must do this... i just don't get it.

    When i married the girl of my dreams our relationship stopped being "him" and "her" it became "US" and "WE". We see ourselves as ONE. She does things for me and i do things for her... we never ever really think "Oh, you paid last time, now its my turn". I consider her a part of me and we go through life as one. Sure we have disputes sometimes, and its natural to have them... but i guess we sacrifice sometimes for each other.


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  • Sometimes you go out with friends, sometimes I go out with friends.
    Sometimes you pick the movie sometimes I pick he movie
    Sometimes you go to parties you don't want to go to, sometimes I go out places with you I don't want to go
    Sometimes I do laundry and dishes, sometimes you do laundry and dishes
    Sometimes I cook sometimes you cook

  • My partner is my partner. He is not my ruler or my leader. He is 100% equal to me in every way. If I let him make an important decision for both of us it will be because he has extensive knowledge on the subject, not because he's the man and I'm letting him "be the man."

    Equality is vital to me. Some people are ok being the subordinate in a relationship, I can't do that. I would not feel equal letting my partner have absolute final say because he is a man.

    And I bring up these examples because where I live, this is becoming a topic of young women being ok letting the guy take the wheel in the relationship.

    In terms of money, equality is both people giving their fair and honest share. I could care less if he worked at McDonalds, as long as he tried and worked hard and helped provide.

  • Everything but no way in hell I'm touching the guttters or climbing really far up a ladder. Nah brah nah.


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  • Responsibilities are shared to the best of the abilities of both parties, and both sides have equal say in decision-making.

  • There is no equality but there is complementary. Both are like lock and key to each other. There is equity though. Fairness etc.