Is he into me or not?

OK, so this is a bit complicated. I am unhappily married, trying to find a way out but not sure how to go about it. This guy knows I am married. he also knows I want to divorce my husband. I had a thing for him years ago, but I left and went to college and we lost contact. we never dated. A few months ago we reconnected via Facebook. He is single and has a son, which is fine with me. We randomly chat online all of the time, usually initiated by him. He remembers like everything from when we knew each other years ago, but maybe he just has a good memory? To make things more complex we now live about 700 miles apart. a few months ago I went back home to visit my family. I wanted to see him and let him know. he acted like he was busy, but then gave me his work address (a bar) and told me to stop by and that he would love to see me. When I arrived we talked for a bit he hugged me and was a nervous acting talking to me. It was a little weird because I was with my brother (trying to make it seem like I wasn’t trying to hook up with him). Then my brother got all weird and wanted to leave so I left without saying goodbye ( I didn’t know where he was and my brother was in a big hurry). He sent me a random message that night and again when I was leaving to get on the plane he told me how great it was to see me. He is always on fb and pretty much only uses is to communicate with me. But sometimes he is obviously online and doesn’t say anything to me. I went home for Xmas and he did not contact me the entire time I was home. Then the night I got back to my 700 mile away town he sends me a message. We chatted online for a while, talked about his son and why him and his baby mama didn’t work, about how he must not deserve better because of his age and that he is still single. about how I am unhappy in my marriage ( he just tells me I need to find my own way out). We talked about a bunch of other stuff. Any time I chat with him he always tells me how great it is to talk to me, he thanks me for talking with him. He tells me how he thinks I am a great and caring person all of the time. He really seems to enjoy talking with me. But he is always saying he has to go when I still want to talk (he initiates the conversation). I feel like we are getting closer, but I also feel like he is pushing me away. He knows I am moving back home over the summer so we will be living near each other again. I don’t know if he is just not into me, or if he is into me but is keeping distance and trying to be appropriate because I am married. He knows I want a divorce, but I am still married. Maybe he just wants to be friends, maybe he is just being friendly and wants nothing. I am so confused.


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  • Sure he is confused because he likes you and probably would like something more but there is a little glitch- you're married. He knows you're unhappy but this doesn't change your status. I think he might be a little bit more comfortable once you decide what you're going to do with your marriage. Whether you seek a divorce, legal separation etc. To be honest, he respects you too much to do anything until this has been determined. I have to agree with him.