Guys, what made you finally decide to pop the question and get married (speaking to married guys of course)?


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  • I just thought, "It's time." It was an early morning in September, not a special day, not a special location. We were just at home. We had just woken up. I had bought the ring and was saving it for the right time, though I didn't know when that time would be. I had thought about popping the question other times, on vacations, on roadtrips, in beloved cities, etc., but it just never felt right. Finally, that morning, almost 19 years ago now, it felt right.

    I'm very glad it happened the way it happened.

    • That sounds wonderful. She must be a lucky lady. Since the majority of women do not propose, I thought it would be interesting to find out, what goes through a guys head in like picking... this is 'the' day.

    • Thanks. I wish more people had answered. Maybe there's almost no one on GAG who's married! (Seriously, I guess?) :)

    • yeah, I was a bit shocked too that no one really answered, but I'm glad you did. Thanks.