Why do we hear nothing about politicians with much younger wives? But the opposite would be scandalous?

For instance, John McCain's potential First Lady would have been 18 years younger than him. I'm 26. If I ran for Congress and had a 44 year old wife with me.. would people not look down on that? Such a double standard.

And Trump's THIRD wife is 24 years younger than him!


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  • That's Western society, man. Bottom line.

    It's not only about politicians, though.

    • in general

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    • Cool. Me too. :) If you do you'll learn lots about fetal genetic testing.

    • Well you're also 40. It's considered odd for me.

      I missed out on some good ones already though. FML

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  • who gives a shit, if the younger girl wants to do it with an older guy who are we to judge, same goes for the opposite

  • "Double standard".

    Pshh. That's a stupid description. It's asymmetrical attraction qualities.