Bitchy mother in law?

Am black he is white. Since we started dating he had to stop talking to his best friend. The bestie has a problem with black women. The funny part is he is Chinese... I thought he would know how racism feels too. My love stood up for me. Now its getting worse. We are getting married BUT his mother hates my ass. HATES myyy ass. She wants him to marry a girl from his country :l. On top of that his family stares on me. Giving me the evil stares. My friends are racist too. They want me to marry a black man. So I told my best friend. White man black man pink man purple man I dont care they all have the same dick. Why don't you stop being a slut and leave me alone. So yeah am friendless now.

Sometimes I want to cry. I always wanted a big wedding. With both families and friends. Now... its just me and him. He is okay with this but I feel awful. I think its best to call off the wedding. Any advice? Thanks for reading this cauz its long.


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  • Wow, I'm sorry to hear this. sounds rough.
    I am open minded myself and I married a guy from a different culture. I'm not saying that it can't work, of course it can. It will just be much harder. We had lots of misunderstandings and things each of us took for granted which caused some fighting and we ended up getting divorced.
    My family supported the marriage, but his didn't and it hurt a lot when only his brother made the effort to come to our wedding. So I feel your pain.
    Obviously, you should follow your heart. No one can tell you what will make you happy.
    (btw, you will probably have the most gorgeous kids, if Mariah Carey is any example) ;)
    I wish you all the happines and love in the world


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  • #MikeyNoLikey how you are being treated, but all that matters is that you and he have each other. Dont call it off

  • Most natural reaction. Stick to your own race.


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  • Oh my!
    It seems like the whole world is against you.

    Eventually as you grow... you all will re-locate and start a better life together ( I can imagine ).
    None of you deserve any of that type of ignorance in your life.

    The fact that the both of you are going through so much, will make
    your bond stronger. Those people need to realize their hate to making you both hold on tighter.
    Continue to love each other and don't worry about what any one has to say.

    It's your life.
    You have to think... can you deal with every one being against you?
    Or do you try to please every one and do what they want?

    I think the 1st choice suits you better.
    If you try to make those around you happy... you will end up losing your own happiness altogether.
    That's not what you want.

  • It's not going to last you have no chance.
    Bound for disaster. Honestly. I'm sorry it's just true once you start losing family and friends it's going to just get worse.

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