Guys, If a girl already had sex before marriage, but wanted to wait until marriage when dating you, would you be okay waiting?

My friends say its unfair if she's already given herself to someone else before marriage but won't do the same for you. What do you think?


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  • It's kind of like a guy getting mad because a girl did anal in a previous relationship but didn't like it and won't do it again for him.
    It's something that should be discussed in the beginning of the relationship. You should know if she wants to wait or not.


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  • For me, yes, I'd wait.

    I've had sex but would rather wait until I was married or in a committed relationship (months later). Sex complicated things in my last relationship so I'd rather be in a strong relationship before getting that intimate.

    • There should be more guys like you

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  • Having sex with previous relationships, and none with you is one issue, waiting until married for sex is another issue. No, I would not wait and here is why... I would only marry someone if I knew them as close to 100% as possible. I would never marry someone I only knew partially. There is no way you can fully know someone without having sex with them, therefore by not having sex you only partially know them. Sex and sexual compatibility is important to me. Spending the rest of my life with someone and taking a gamble on that compatibility just seems stupid to me. Not only that, but rushing to get married only to have sex is also stupid. Dating and engagements are years in the process, not weeks or months when done properly. I would not sacrifice a few years of my sex life.

  • who needs this nonsense. Well, really I think it doesn't matter about whether or not she had sex before... it's still nonsense about waiting for marriage. No go!

  • Nope, probably not. I'm not a big fan of the whole waiting until marraige thing in the first place but I especially wouldn't wait if she's already had sex with someone else outside of marriage.

    • Even if it was a one time thing?

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    • Because after she gave in, she learned that he cheated on her because he never expected her to give in

    • ok but why does she want to wait until marriage again?
      it seems pointless. I understand not wanting to sleep with a guy on the first or third date but wanting to wait 3-5 years until the guy has bought you a ring and a home... nope

      my answer on this isn't going to change

  • The only thing that should wait til marriage is marriage.

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