Girls, what's the most thing you've always dream of every since you was young, getting married or having a man?

Which of these two things do you really like the most, that you always wanted, getting married, or having a good man in your life?

  • A.) married
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  • B.) having a good man
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  • C.) both
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  • D.) neighter
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  • I would prefer both but, out of the two, I'd rather have a good person there for me instead of marriage.


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  • Dude, when I was a child, I was like, "Hmmm... where will I put my cattle ranch? How many cows do I need in order to have at least 50 horses?" And then my friends were all like, "What about a husband, sweetie?"

    And I was like, "Where does he fit into my cattle and horse ranch plan?"

    Honestly, the most I've thought about a wedding was just in the last couple months when my boyfriend took me ring shopping.

    • When you was a child, have you thought about having a guy? Not talking about a husband.

    • No. When I was a kid I didn't factor in a partner of any kind. It was me, myself, and I.

      Now, as an adult, I absolutely would only want a husband. If I'm going to keep him around, I'm going to marry him and make it official. I don't like the cultural movement of shacking up with someone and behaving as a marriage unit without actually being married. So yes, one of these days I'll get married. And he'll have to move to my ranch, obviously :p

  • Getting married to a great man.

    And both of us helping each other to become a better person.

  • I won't be getting married to him if he isn't a good man.

  • both for me.