Girls, if you was rich, would you only marry a rich guy or would you marry a great guy, regardless of how much he makes?

If you been rich all your life, due to havign rich parents, now you've became rich on your own due to the hard work you put into of getting the job you wanted, would you only want your husband to be just as rich as you, or if he's a wonderful person, would it not matter as to how much less money he makes compared to you?

The way i see it, it would be a shallow way to look at it by not wanting him to be as rich as you, that's like a woman telling a guy she's likes, that she doesn't want to be seen with him in public, cause she's afraid it will ruin her reputation as to being laughed at by her friends and family.

  • A.) he doesn't have to be rich like me
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  • B.) he has to be rich like me
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