I'm Buying An Engagement Ring Today, I Need A Little Help, Quick?

There hasn't been a lot of time to plan. I'm pretty much set on buying the center diamond on a simple band. I'm almost certain; I'll never be able to find a suitable band. Plus, the band will be replaced when the wedding rings are picked anyway. Would the engagement band (just the band not diamond) really be a big deal?

Her fingers are long and thin (something I find very attractive.) If the band were too thin, that might not look right. This is my mom's jeweler; he'll try and sell me the most expensive band in the store. Glad I have experience with diamonds.


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  • Umm... I don't think so. Like.. I'd like my engagement ring to have a fair diamond and just any band. But that's just me.

    • That's what I'm thinking. I'm just buying the center diamond and a basic (but sturdy) band. The band will be replaced anyway; it'd pretty much be just a waste of money. She not a real sentimental type; so, I don't think she'd keep the band around as a keepsake.

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    • When I looked up, I saw an ad on the web page. This looks like the ring, but the diamond is oval not round.


    • That's a beautiful ring! Haha, it will be strange, but it won't be the strangest.:) That's so sweet.:] I have a boyfriend, but I wish someone did that for me, lol.

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  • I don't really have any advice cause I don't know anything about bands. But I just wanted to say congrats!

  • And congrats! :) lol


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  • link

    Can't be too foresighted.

    • Thats harsh!

    • LMAO! You'd have to know the circumstances; very unlikly she walks away. The ring would be a very small issue. Plus, she is way more successful than me. I'm on the poor side of the prenuptial. She should be buying me a ring!