Fiancé cheated on my brother he left her but she won't leave him alone and publicly talks like they're still together. Why?

My brothers been dating (was) this girl since college. She went back home to be with family to help plan the wedding. I guess she went out got drunk and cheated with an old friend from high school. Her sister told my brother since she didn't think it was right to withhold it from him. Since he helped pay for some of their mothers medical bills.
my brother told her she has 3 days to get her stuff and he left their apartment went on a binge staid at my place. Ignoring her phone calls and texts, she never picked her stuff so he put it all on the front lawn or donated it. She kept texting me telling me how it was only one mistake she's sorry.
but my brother says "good thing all this happened before the marriage". It's been a few months. Obviously he's hung up on her calls after calling her chosen words. Thing is she face book stalks him through mutual friends liking his pictures even knows he is sleeping around now, trying to move on. But she tells people they are "taking a break", or "they'll get back together". He gets phone calls from unknown numbers est... dot know if it's her but it's been happening recently. She wanted to meet up with me to talk but I've
watched enough Jerey Springer to know not to.
Why won't she just leave him alone?


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  • Because she feels like worthless scum which is hardly fitting for her actions. You can't mistakenly have sex with someone, the intent was there and she followed through with it. She's just one of those people who feels like she can do whatever and shouldn't have to be punished for it. Tell your brother to block her on Facebook, block private calls from reaching his phone and threaten to get the police involved if she doesn't stop. This woman is garbage and extremely selfish, that's why she won't leave him alone after ripping his heart out. These people are dangerous I would avoid her at all costs and cut any and all ties if possible.


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  • She's obsessed, ashamed and embarrassed so she's trying to block out the seriousness of her actions and delusional about a continued future with him. Me needs to stand firm , block her from FB. Possibly change his number. (although that can be more disruptive to him) eventually she will get it, I just hope at the moment she gets it he doesn't decide he now wants her back. As long as she is hanging on, he can continue to punish her for cheating which can be healing. but once she's moved on , he'll need to find another way to heal


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  • Well she has certainly learned that she is a horny drunk... precisely why I'm do not allow myself to publicly drink... anywho. The ex fiance can't accept that she really did ruin the relationship in a single motion... the ex fiance is holding onto hope that he will forgive her and wants the public to know that they are very much together, so she doesn't have to explain that she cheated and that's why the couple broke up.

    • Yeah... worst feeling for me has been dancing at a bar with some girl and making out with her. Only to have an angry female friend (she's married). I'm angry at myself this also happened to my roomate his girl friend slept with an old high school friend when she drank at a house party "it was a mistake". He dumped her anyways.

  • This is why we have restraining orders... utilize it... she is a bloody stalker won't leave you alone till you do that...


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  • she doesn't want to give up on the relationship obviously.

    I understand your brother's position, I've been cheated on too, but for this girl she things she made an honest one time mistake. she's hoping your brother will change his tune and take her back so she's not closing the book. I guess it could be denial that things are over or she is just truly believing that things will be repaired.