Should I back off ?

So I was in class and my crush sat next to me I tried to make him jealous and this other guy that kept tapping me and I was like what do you want? And he was like anything? And I was like it depends and he said a kiss and I was like on the cheek? And he was like no and pointed at his lips and I was like no and then he was like fine I'll take it and I kissed him on the cheek. And he was like wow my heart stopped and then I was like yeah I have that effect on people he acts like that with all the girls in there well the other guy pulled out his wallet and he showed it to the guy in front of me and was like that's my girlfriend and then he kept calling my name and I looked it had a picture of him and that girl like the ones from the mall he was like what do you think? That's my girlfriend and I was like about what? And he was like this picture I was like I don't know it's you and then I made fun of his license but he looked in my eyes for like a reaction and he was like that's why I covered it but I don't know what to do should I back off?


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  • If he's got a girlfriend back off. You can always just try and engage in conversation with him. Talk to him about something that he's interested. But don't do the general girl thing and act like you actually KNOW wtf you're talking about, unless if you've done some research or you actually know.


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