How/when did you decide you wanted to marry her/him?

We've heard both men and women say "the moment I knew I wanted to marry him/her..", or "I knew he/she was 'the one'..."... or that they wanted to marry this person based on how they felt or a certainty that they experienced when they first met them. This seems to happen often for some unknown reason.

Any of you married couples have had that? If anything, what made you decide this person is the one you wanted to marry?

And congrats to the newly engaged and newly married couples!


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  • I've had relationships with a number of girls lasting from 1 to 7 years. In every one of those relationships, I never felt like she was "the one" until I met my wife.

    Even in the relationships that lasted several years, there was always something in the back of my mind that was telling me it wasn't going to work. Sometimes, the girl was way too young for me, and I only stayed with her because she was hot. Other times, the girl had a short temper all the time, which I knew would make the relationship crumble eventually. Even my longest relationship (7 years) felt strange, because she was absolutely crazy about me from the start, and I kind of accepted being in a relationship with her I had never gone out with anyone at that time. I didn't love her as much as she loved me.

    When I met my future wife the first time, I also didn't really think much of her. At least, I didn't go nuts over her. After the third date, I thought in my head, "this is the one I'm going to marry."

    What made me think that way was that in our first few dates, we would talk for hours and hours until the restaurant closed. She would keep me laughing the entire time, and had the same sense of humor that I did. I knew that I could sit in an empty room with her for years, and we'd still be laughing away together.

    • Thanks so much, i really appreciate you sharing your story :)

      It makes me a little insecure to think of laughter in relationship. The only people I laugh so much with are my sisters and best girl friends. My current boyfriend, we can laugh together, and we do make each other laugh, but it's not like he's a comedian like some family and relatives I have... I don't mind that he's not the number one to make me laugh, or that everything he finds funny I don't necessarily find funny too. It's like a guy/girl kinda difference. I don't mind this, bc other things are more important to me which he does have. So many things that I've never had with any other guy that makes me feel so safe with him and valued. Completely safe and trusting. :) does this sound normal?

      I wonder if you know what your wife said about you? :)

    • That melted my heart...

      You see ladies it's not always about the sex! <-- I feel like a guy now lol! :)

      Bad libido bad! *wink * * wink *

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  • There was no special moment for me lol we just clicked and had the same views for the future

    • That's sweet :) How long did you date before engaged/married?

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    • Thanks so much. :)
      I'm still thinking about the definition of "fits" vs "doesn't fit."

    • I'm glad I could help! To define a bit, "fits," as in you don't change who you are to be more like him or to like what he likes in order for your relationship with him to go smoothly. If you like something he doesn't or have a hobby that he doesn't, you should feel supported by him and encouraged to continue by him despite this. :)

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