I am in a dilemma please help?

My family belongs to the indian community n i am dating this guy that i see potential in... he is 5 years older than me... the way we r heading with our ups n downs n everything coming in the way but we r crossing the path smoothly i feel like this is the one.. he has a repo of being a flirt (but which guy isnt) (tbh I don't know of any lol) so basically my dad based on what comments he gives on my guy (he doesn't know that we r dating) is that he is party freak n is always with girls n is a drunkard n all (basically all this is bad for my dad... even partying -_-) so I don't know if my dad will say yes if i ever ve to marry him so I don't know how to convince him n all... any ideas would help.

Thanks a lot


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  • The rate of love marriages is only 10% in India so, you can imagine how difficult it is.

    You're still under 18 so, why you're so worried about marriage so early?

    If that guy flirts with other girls, it certainly means that he's a player. Don't fall in trap. There are sooo many guys who don't deliberately flirt with girls while being in a relationship. 'Friendly flirting' is different thing. Pretence is very easy for guys in case of younger girls.

    It is extremely hard that your dad is going to agree. Some people just don't like party animals because they're afraid that their daughter will possibly become victim of domestic violence, cheating, disinterested and aloof behaviour. Such people tend to waste their money. You can ask your boyfriend if his family is liberal or not so that his parents will ask your parents for marriage. Family meeting could ameliorate the understanding. That way you can make it a love-arranged marriage.

    Good luck :)

    • the main reason y i am worried is coz my family being from india r fucking my brain with marriage... he friendly flirts with girls but flirting flirting no he doesn't... i ve seen his traits around girls when he doesn't even know that i am looking or i am even there... he just friendly flirts... from the way i know him he is honest... ya i want a love arranged marriage n i dont live in india so hopefully that 10% doesn't apply on me n we r both from the same community n caste so hopefully our parents won't mind a lot then. ya hopefully ill talk to him about this when the time comes... when he proposes properly coz he keeps asking me to marry him but he hasn't done it properly... coz we always meet in weird places

      tnx though

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    • ya well my dad is from india... just doesn't live there anymore.. so I don't know if he still has that typical mentality

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  • Well first off you're under 18 and shouldn't even get married anytime soon. So why are you stressing about that now?

    Second, your dad is allowed to have his opinion and you can't change it. You can always talk to your guy about how your father is concerned by his partying and flirting with girls. (by the way, if he flirts with other girls while you're in a relationship, then he's a douche. There are a lot of guys who DON'T do that.)

    So unless your guy doesn't change his ways, your father won't change his opinion.

    And like I said, no point in worrying about marriage when you're still this young. You're more likely to find someone else than this guy to be honest.

    • as in he was a flirt before we started dating n i haven't heard of any flirting since we started dating... he isn't the player type from what his friends say about him (not to me though i just get to hear this stuff from outside) like that my dad has a problem with every guy n i can't stop him from partying not even on the weekends coz he needs his time too... i was just saying that in case we go to that level coz we might reach that level... i ve that feeling so i was just thinking about how i would sort this out if i ever had to... my dad is really judgy though n i dont wanna marry anyone without my parents permission

    • Cross that bridge when the day actually comes. For now there's no point in worrying what to say to your dad since you might not even marry this guy in the end. Which you probably won't, very few people under 18 end up marrying the ones they're with those years.

    • oh ok i will try to not worry about it tnx a lot though

  • Sorry, I don't think he is changing his mind.