My boyfriend never wants to get married. Should I give up on the relationship and call it quits? What should I do?

Ok so I personally have always dreamed of getting married. I even have drawings of wedding dresses I wanted to wear. The thing is the man I fell in love with has this very strong opinion of not ever wanting to get married. He says why should we get a piece of paper just to prove we love each other. There's only two things I ever looked forward to in life. Going to college and getting a job that pays well, and getting married and being a wife and a mom. I know I'll never fall in love the same way again so even if I do leave him I know I'll never actually want to date and just live that single life. Any thoughts?


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  • There are fundamental aspects of a relationship that you have to agree on, or it's a big waste of time. Those include, but are not limited to:

    1) Get married or not?
    2) Have kids or not?
    3) How to handle religious differences?
    4) How well do you get along with each other's families?
    5) How supportive will you be of each other's career aspirations?
    6) Are you both willing to stay in the same local area for the sake of the relationship, even if it means one or both of you have to move?

    Bottom line, if he wants to stay single and you want to get married, I don't see how that will work long-term.

    • Thank you that really put things into a different prospective.

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  • Maybe he's just nkt ready right now. How long have u been together?

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    • maybe he just doesn't want to make a comitment like that since he's not around.

    • So if he does in combat like fuck me I won't even find out and just be worried as to why he hasn't come back. . . It's hard knowing I have absolutely no right to know whether he's gone or not

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  • "Only two things I looked forward to in life" *precedes to list 6 things*

    I'd say don't even think about marriage now. It shouldn't be a concern for you right now.

    When the time comes (when you are like 34), if whoever you are with, because it probably won't be this dude, is still against marriage because he doesn't want a paper, tell him you for care about the paper you want a ring, a dress, a party, and a day where you can be a princess.

    But seriously, don't let things like that affect your relationships right now. People change so much there's no point letting it interfere with something that could be great. You are 18, you don't even know who you are yet.

    • I know who I am. I know what I want and what goals I have. He's 24 and wants a kid already. I know it seems like something I shouldn't worry about but it is. Some people know where they want to be in life and what they want to do others don't. Look I don't care if there's no ceremony marriage is something I've always known I wanted. My age should not determine my maturity

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    • These are the exact signs of immaturity and finding who you are (not necessarily you but him for sure)

    • We weren't broken up

  • give up in that relationship and then hook up withme

  • Why do women view getting married as this supreme achievement? I personally agree with your boyfriend

    • It's not an achievement. Though I can somehow understand why you agree with him. Although that will never be my stand point

    • Worthy goal? Why is it a worthy goal

    • It's not a goal. Getting married isn't a goal. Getting married to him would mean more than just a piece of paper. . . To me it means something words can't explain

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  • At 18 I wouldn't worry about it.

    You (and he) will find your desires for marriage, kids etc may change as you get older.

    For now, leave it be and have fun.

    • Well I guess that's true. I just don't see it that way right now

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