Why do guys cheat if they claim they really love their girlfriends?

i never got that..

help me understand


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  • if they cheat on you they DON'T LOVE YOU. cheating is a selfish self serving act.

    Love is kind and generous. it's putting others before yourself. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, or what your relationship status is .you're always going to be attracted to other people.But if you love someone, the feelings that you have go deeper than just attraction and you would never do anything to hurt that other person.


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  • I cheat for any 1 or more of the following reasons.

    1. Lack of intimacy (least common reason for me)

    2. Thrill of the chase

    3. Feeling like I am being smothered/controlled by my wife (most common)

    4. Sexual acts that my wife refuses to do. (anal, oral, some positions, etc.)

    5. Opportunity.

    Sometimes, the chance to cheat falls right in my lap (literally once) and I have an addictive impulse that compels me to follow through with it. For that reason #5 would have to be the second most common reason.

  • Men are much more visual than women..

    we are much more materialistic.. if we love you.. most likely.. we really do love you..

    The girl that we cheat on you with.. in most cases.. is just a toy to get off with basically..

    Sometimes this happens because quite frankly the guy is not getting enough from his girl..

    Say she doesn't want to have sex.. well mostly likely a good guy will respect that.. but he will still want sex.. so he will be tempted by whorish women who will just do it.. no strings..

    I can go on and on.. but I won't.. because I already feel like I'm being a complete A-S-S so yeah.. lol

    Sorry if you have been cheated on.. I have.. it sucks.. but the reality of it is.. you have to ask yourself.. Why would they cheat.. it's not ALL their fault.. I mean they can't be loyal.. but if they were TRULY satisfied and happy in every way in the relationship a person would not want to cheat..

    • Its stupid because I think my mans cheating but if its because we don't have sex enough and he's going for girls who will just "do it" then I'm at a loss man, I'm always the one whos ready to go I'm always ready for sex he's the one who is always sayin he ain't in the mood... and I'm not cheating is he?

  • For the same reason that women cheat after asking for the man to propose / talking about "their future life".

    • It wasn't a retorical question, if it was I would have said so, you might as well have kept this to yourself :)

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    • ;D Glad I can amuse, this conversation is quite interestingly sarcastic. I like sarcasm, but I don't think we should ever meet- we would have too much fun being sarcastic at other's expenses.

      It was a pleasure- bye ^_^

    • :)

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  • they don't really love them. they may think they do, but if you love someone you would not justify betraying them and causing them pain.

    i do not think its the other partner's fault if they cheated. maybe that other person is just a selfish f***ed up person. if you are unsatisfied with the relationship tell your partner and try to work it out..or end the relationship since your clearly unhappy, don't f*** someone else and then try to say "Oh I was unhappy" TOTAL COPOUT

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