Wedding photographer advice needed?

Ok guys i am doing my first official wedding photography on Saturday for my cousin (i am doing it for free) and i am absoultely terrified i have done everything i can to get all the equipment i need sorted out and ready to go i am just prepping my notes but as i say i am a bundle of nerves now like the happy couple probably will be 😊, anyone know a good way to reduce nerves i want to do a good job for them and really show what i am capable of a nervie photographer is not good i want to be 😎


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  • You're using digital? Then you have no reason to experience nerves. Just take zillions of photos. :) As many as you can without being a distraction or an irritation. Then there's nothing to be nervous about, because no matter what happens, as long as your data remains intact you'll have more than enough photos that turn out and look great.

    Take it easy and remember to have fun. No one wants you to be nervous--THAT could be a distraction and an irritation in itself. :) Good luck.