Hi, I HAVE a question about wht happens after marriage means soon after marriage?(READ BELOW) must read ok?

i have this question in my brain about my marriage soon i m going to get married and i want to knw wht do male means husbands do to their wife i mean related to sex. i want all the steps: how he will remove my clothes and how he will start having sex with me (on the same day) and wht all will he say to me. i want all steps please (CLOTHES I WILL WEAR:FRM INSIDE BRA, PANTIES AND SAREE)
i want the answer frm all of u please answer it doesn't matter whether ur married or not just tell wht do u think will happen


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  • Of course this question is coming from an Eastern culture and only sineone from that culture will give a relevant answer.

    You have to let it come naturally. Generally eastern girls bring nice sleepwear with them for the initial/honeymoon period. The less and sexier it is, the harder it will be for the guy to control himself. It all depends how confident and classy the guy is. Sometimes, they just don't do anything and keep up and keep talking all night. Whatever he does, just don't spoil it for him. Biggest spoiler is keep bringing in this fer that "what if I get pregnant?". In that case you will NEVER have a good physical life with your husband.

    • oh thanks a lot i m a classy girl ok

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    • Oh by the way. Bohat bohat shaadi Mubaarak.

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  • We have no idea what your husband is like so we're not going to know what he'll say or do to you. That's something for you to find out. If you've saved yourself for marriage, then you've added this stress to yourself. We don't know what clothes you will wear either, it's up to you. Just enjoy the night and go with the flow.

    • ok think any type of husband wht will he do to me means related to sex and i mentioned my clothes see

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  • It's really whatever happens with you two, everyone is different. Just take everything as it comes :)