Why is my husband so obsessed with me?

My husband lately became very insecure, jealous and clingy. He constantly is on my side and wants sex every night, all night long. Stalks me at random places and just watches me. I can't breath any more how to stop him from his behavior? Please help...

We've been through some rough times in the past but I never cheated on him. So I don't get where this is all coming from. I seriously come to the point saying that I have enough of him.


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  • All of his 'obsessive' behaviours sound a bit too extreme for having popped out of nowhere just because you're now married...
    In any case, have you tried talking to him? Just asking that he back off, that he has to trust that he's your man, you don't have interest in or eyes for anyone but him?

  • You didn't know he was like this before you married him?

    I don't know why he is obsessed with you, that's unhealthy.

    "Stalking?" and watching someone? Wtf?

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