Cooking Breakfast For The Girl You Are Dating? Is that Meaningful?

Do guys normally cook a BIG breakfast for a girl they are dating? If so... would that imply a step towards seriousness?

I have been dating this guy for 4 months (LD)... and normally when I stay the w/e it's bran flakes, berries and cereal or a fruit cup. He's a health nut.

Anyways... the last w/e we spent together he got up early to cook me this enormous breakfast from scratch -- eggs, bacon, home fries (he made himself), pancakes (from scratch), chai latte (from scratch)... etc. It was incredible.

The next morning I bugged him about the return to cereal -- and said wow this is serious you are cooking me breakfast. He laughed and said no -- but yesterday's breakfast was indeed "something". Hmmmmm... thoughts?


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  • I think it's his sincere interest to take a step away from "cereal" and fast food- though if your referring to if he's gonna propose, this has no direct relation to that topic.

    It's sweet that he did that for you and it's rather sudden/shocking- but whatever works, I would presume he knows to appreciate you, if he slaves away at any task. Most FWB / Jerks / Players- will only sweeten you up and then take advantage of the situation.

    Look at what he did though- he made you breakfast without any obligation.

    You have a keeper, so don't even stress your mind about who is a jerk and who isnt. Just be his and try to reciprocate it by making him breakfast sometime ;D

    Bon Vida~ (I can't speak a lick of french, so- "Good life")


    • No - gosh no -- no proposals on my mind whatsoever. I guess you could say we are in that grey phase of "seeing each other" before you have the exclusivity talk. We have been close friends for 11 years... and he's never been this romantic. He did the whole candlelight 5 course dinner from scratch as well the night before. It was amazing.

    • We definately are NOT FWBs - he already identified that we were "dating"... and not FWBs... over an elegant evening at a fancy restaurant about 3 months ago. He also gave me his house keys the same night.

    • Like I mentioned ^_^ There's nothing to worry about, this guy cooked breakfast for you, gave his house key to you, and already said that you both are dating. I would view it as him courting you (being respectful without actively seeking something more). Which is sweet and simple

      It seems you like him alot, you already defended his name when I wasn't accusing him of anything lol

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