What can I do in this situation?

I'm married, but met a nice and beautiful girl at work. she and I hung out by going to movies, dinner, drinks, and the gym. We also played online on our ps3/ps4/wiiu/3ds/pc/xboxes. I helped her build her gaming pc. my wife was OK at first, but later tried to stop me from talking to her. I continued hanging with my girlfriend, and once went to her house to watch a romantic movie and played PS4 with her. I then kissed her on the lips and had sex with her.

so what can I do about my wife and girlfriend?


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  • If you are no longer in love with your wife but you are with your girlfriend then choose who you want to be with and take action, believe me the worst thing to do is nothing. Good luck!


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  • you can get a divorce... duh


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