Bad timing?

Has anyone ever had a relationship that ended because of bad timing (neither party was ready for that type of commitment but both parties cared a lot about each other) only to reunite later down the road?


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  • I broke up with my first boyfriend/love 5 months ago because he's two years younger than me and I was about to start uni. My mum reckoned that I shouldn't get fixated on the first guy who looked at me. Also that if we tried to stay together it would be me making the effort and that when I'd finished my degree he would only just have finished his gap year(she seemed to think he would dump me and I'd have wasted my time at Uni). I don't know if I did the right thing by listening to her. I still feel as sh*t as I did directly after we broke up although less often and only if I let myself dwell on it. There's also potentially another guy but I just don't know. It sounds really stupid particularly since I'm so young but I can quite easily see myself marrying my ex. I should just forget him shouldn't I? Ugh.

  • I don't know about the reuniting part but I broke up with my ex because of bad timing. And I was heart broken over it because I really did love him so much.

    During my senior year in college, my then boyfriend proposed to me. I refused even though I did love him and maybe eventually would have married him. But the timing was just so wrong for us. I was going to graduate school while he was just finishing graduate school and already had a job lined up. We were just at different places in our life.