Being a Bridesmaid/ Maid of Honor?

Do any brides understand while your wedding is consuming your life your friend's life goes on?

my BFF and I always agreed when we got married we wouldn't turn into a Bridezella. My BFF was supposed to hire a wedding planner but also keep it about the day. As soon as she got engaged which was a 13 month engagement she wanted weekly meet ups with the maids to discuss things and her Dad refuses to pay because she was in her 30's and her much older boyfriend didn't even pay a cent to their $75k down payment on the house. He makes six figures with nothing in savings so now she had a list of weekly errands for me to do.

Mind you she works a regoist 9-5 and knows I work a hardcore job that requires me to travel. That I have trouble even finding time for a boyfriend and exercise. That my days are planned two weeks in advance.

I wanted to have normal time with her every now and then. But even more I was having to show up at th office at 6am if I had to leave for these meetings.

Main prepared to plan the shower, party and other duties but 13 months of this was a lot. I finally ditched her because she told me she dated my college boyfriend right before sheet her husband and we saw him several times with me hugging him and catching up and him acting weird about it because I didn't know. Also because one day when the roads froze and she was driving past my place to the bar she refused to pick me up in 22 F weather but picked up another maid and I was the maid of honor. I had to ride a bike and showed up all frost face.

She also told me we wouldn't be friends after the wedding since I wasn't married so I made a decision to be in her wedding but not plan it because I had to live my life and it was getting in the way of work. And finding a man of we ever wanted to be friends after her wedding.

why do brides not understand it isn't reasonable to ask your friends to give them a year of your life? Especially when you are the sixth person to ask them to do so in 2 years?


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  • It can be very frustrated