How would you feel if your partner as to keep your last name but also take their name?

For example let's say you have a wife and she asks "do you want to take my last name? you can keep your last name and we just joined together?".
How do you feel about it yes, no or other?

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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm pretty traditional, so I would probably pose the idea of her adding her last name as a second middle name. I would actually be kind of hurt if she wanted to hyphenate her and my last name, and I would take it as a sign that she didn't need me. Man and woman are supposed to become one flesh when they are married, and keeping two names feels a lot like two separate people to me.

  • Nah I like my name as is.

    • Yeah but you can just add the last name to your name and just use your last name like before but legally you be (you last name) (wife last name). and you can use one or the other so.

    • @Asker you asked a question and he answered with his opinion. Arguing with your opinion won't change his outlook on the topic.

    • I'm just saying I can say it if I wantto I'm not trying to change his mind I'm just pointing out if he did take her last name it wouldn't be bad.

What Girls Said 2

  • When my boyfriend and I get married I want to take on his name, I wouldn't want him to have my last name. I just think it's weird lol.

  • I actually suggested this the other day to someone on gag because the wife to be refused to give up her last name but they ended up working it out and the husband didn't mind taking hers.

    A lot of people actually do this now instead of just taking the husband's name merging them together I think it really shows the beginning of a wonderful future of them together because that's the first of many compromises.