Is every couple and their relationship different?

Do babies really add enough stress to break apart a couple?
Let's call this couple "Couple A"... one of my friends and her husband had a baby 2 weeks ago and they are so happy and calm... All 3 of them r settling so well... I just do see how a baby causes stress?
they are Christians tho and married so maybe that makes them stronger than the next couple?
Couple B on the other hand, Seem to have grown apart a bit... Cos they got together at 21 and are now 30... They are now going to have a baby...
im pretty sure it was her idea and he is just going along with it... Will the baby relieve the boredom and stagnancy?
They have been Together for 8 years, living together for 3 years... But They look miserable together but now she is pregnant... What's gonna happen?

will it work? Will he stay with her cos he will he so in love with his baby?
could the baby make them happier and complete as a family?

I know couple A will never break up


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  • Babies don't make a relationship better they make it more complicated. A loving couple with a good relationship will usually survive an accident. But a rocky relationship probably not. Infants and small kids are actually the easiest. Its the hormonal teens that are the problems. That's when stress in a marriage is the highest because of the teens needs like sports or ballet and running them around


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  • You can't say couple A will never break up.
    The guy in b may stay because he reconnects with his wife and it has nothing to do with "being so in love with the baby".
    Babies can add stress or bond families, there is no way to know how each family will react. It may take months for stress to happen.