What can my future hubby wear to our wedding reception?

My future husband and I are having a formal ceremony where I will be wearing a big ball gown dress with cathedral train and veil, and he will be in a tux. I love my dress, but it is a lot of work to walk in and manuever in tight spaces in, so I decided that I will be changing before the reception into a sheath style floor length dress. I want my hubs to change into something else too, and he has no objections because he too wants to be more comfortable at the ceremony than being in a tux all night, so what can he wear that isn't quite jeans and a t-shirt comfortable, but that still makes it look like be belong together at a wedding?


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  • You shouldn't plan now!

    • what are you talking about, the ceremony is in less than 6 months. When else would I plan for it?

    • oh... yeah i am sorry... my bad! *** Yes you should! But you should ask someone who know more about this stuff. Either that or force him to be unconformable!