Girls, I'm married, but having an affair?

I am married but fell in love with another woman. My wife is very antisocial and does not have sex with me. She even does not let me hang out with my friends.

I met another woman and hung out with her sneakily. We kissed and have sex almost every weekend. We even had sex in my house after my wife went to bed. I love her. So, how can I be with this woman, without paying a lot for divorce?

This affair has happened for a month.

no kids


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  • Sounds like you shouldn't have gotten married.

    I'm guessing your wife was anti-social, didn't have sex or let you be with your friends before the wedding and yet you married her.

    The fact that you are saying you are "in love" with the homewrecker explains how you got married in the first place.

    You need to get divorced and be single until you can figure out what you really want before being in more fucked up relationships.

    Hopefully you don't have any kids because you're paying for them.


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  • Well you're screwed really. If you weren't happy you should have left.