Guys, 5 year great and happy relationship - why no proposal?

My boyfriend and I are in our mid to late 20's - we are lucky that money is not an issue and we live in a big house which he keeps saying we will "grow into". We have a great relationship and have been going out for 5 years.

He is so lovely and buys me different things (although I have never been the kind of person who cares about stuff, which he knows) and always is saying I look pretty, etc.

a while ago he admitted he was planning to propose once we had moved into the house, but it has been 6 months and there is no sign of a proposal. We have talked about kids in the distant future, this is something he wants more than me! so I know he is looking for family, etc. However I am still not seeing this proposal!

It it has never bothered me so much so I don't nag him about getting married or anything like that but I feel like now would be a good time and feel right. Lots of his friends are getting married and they have been seeing their respective partners the same or less time than us.

it is starting to get me a bit down as I thought it was going to happen a while ago but never did. We have a good sex life and I keep myself physically fit and get lots of compliments on my appearance so it's not like I'm letting myself go!

what do you think fellas? Why us this not happening?

p. S. Don't mention ultimatums as I do love him.


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  • Take a chill pill. Getting married is a big affair and one must be absolutely prepared before going into it. There are many possibilities but most likely probably still some things that he needs to sort out in his life before tying the knot with you. It could also be that his priorities have changed for the moment. 6 months after starting a new life in a new house together is still quite a short time in my opinion so maybe things have not quite settled in yet for him. Unless you see any signs of cheating you don't need to be worried, he'll do it when he's ready.

  • Just have to wait for him to be ready.

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