Can a girl go back to her ex-boyfriend who once cheated her?

This girl is very good friend of mine. I fell in love with her and proposed. She told me that she likes me but she doesn't love me and she never wants to love any one in this life. I asked her why but she kept on ignoring it. But one day she herself told me that she used to love someone a lot and she had a relationship with him for one year. But then she came to know that this guy was having affair with someone else also so she broke up with him and did not talk for two complete years. but one day he called and she thought he has improved his habits and again went in a relationship with him. After few days she came to know that he was having affair with his best friend and that was the last time she talked to him. she cried a lot and went into depression for many days.

but it has been three years now. She tells me that she STILL loves him a lot but she doesn't want him anymore. But she loves him!

She told me the guy who will marry her will know about this.

She once said she loves me a lot but the next morning she said she was depressed that is why she said all those things.

i wanna know whether this girl might go to his ex-boyfriend if she finds again that he has improved?


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  • This girl seems lovely and she's trying to be honest with you by letting you know about what this guy did to her. That she tells you is a big step for her because a lot of girls feel ashamed if a guy has cheated on them, they feel that he cheated because she wasn't good enough. That she tells you she'll never love again doesn’t mean she won't, just that it may take some time. If you really like her, just be there for her, make her forget about the other guy completely by being there for her and being fun and supportive. She has a hard time forgetting about this guy because he was probably her first love. I went through a similar thing and I never thought a guy could make me feel so down for such a long time, I still think about him and we still talk which makes things harder. But I started seeing this other guy and I never thought I could start having feelings for anyone new because the other guy still had such a big part of my heart but as time goes on the new guy is really growing on me more and more and I'm starting to think about the old guy less. So just do what the new guy is doing for me. Be there for her.

    And yes, the chance is always there that she might go back to her ex, she wouldn't be happy though knowing what he's capable of. So show her you're better than him and make the choice between you two a hard one. If she said that she loves you, she probably does to some extent, she probably just got scared and unsure about her feelings for you because you are supposed to be her friend.


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