How to get my wife to stop being attractive/sexy?

I know this seems stupid and petty. But I want my wife to stop being so attractive. Don't get me wrong! I like my wife being hot and attractive! But every damn time we go out she is being hit on and flirted with and some guys and girls even go as far as touching her and grabbing her ass! You wouldn't believe how many times I have asked "Is that your hand on my wife?"

Im living through the song "Next Contestant" by Nickelback! I'm getting tired of it and I want it to stop! I would just not go out but I like showing off my wife! I enjoying dancing with her! I enjoy going out to the bar with my love! I just want to know how to stop people from coming on to her! She wears both her engagement ring and wedding band! It's like a carnival game of "Whack-o-Mole" and I have to beat men and women off with a bat! Can I stop it at all? If so, how?

Thanks for your input!



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  • Okay I'm sorry but you can't control other peoples actions. But look at is
    "none of these people get to sleep next to her every night. Or wake up beside her" Just treasure her more and show her off and just be like "yeah bitchessss she's all mineeee" Flaunt her cuz she's urs not anybody else's


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  • Well u can't help that men approach her, as single men that is what we are supposed to do! Remember u were single once and approached your wife-to-be at one point too, you know!


    This is very much a first world problem. You have a woman that is desirable to many other guys as well. Boo hoo poor you! :-P

    • Put yourself in my shoes. Don't be prick. Answer the question or don't reply.

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    • See I'm not just some internet dbag,

    • I do give good advice too! :-P

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  • You seem to contradict yourself...
    You don't want her to be so attractive, but you can't show her off if she wasn't...
    So figure out what you think is more important - showing your wife off or sparing her from all the unwanted attention, and then do what you need to do.

    • That's my problem. I want to show off my wife but I don't want other guys and girls looking at her like she is a plaything!

  • The only thing you can do is raise any sons you have to be more respectful that the pricks our age 😔

  • Uh... you could ask her but mostly likely she well not listen to you. You married her that way you knew how she was before... what made you think she would change?

  • Does she wear tight clothes or have her tits out when you go out? Check next time you go out and it she doesn ask her to cover up a little more next time.


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