3 Ex-girlfriends, 3 congratulations on my engagement, 3 ask me if I'm happy? WTH? Am I happy? Of course, I'm happy. I'm not going to read anything into the question, but I think that's an odd thing to ask.


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  • I think they are all a bit jealous of the engagement and secretly hopes that you aren't happy!

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    • I got one - "don't you think that was a little quick." I think she could have been a bit jealous. The other two? I don't know? One ex broke it off with me, and the other it was a mutual break-up. I just thought it was strange to get the same question.

    • The other two could be "checking up" on you to see if they were right to leave you...it's likely the jealous "curiosity" built deep inside our human nature...

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  • Honestly I didn't even read what you wrote... the only one that can tell you that you are happy is you. So trust what you feel because tahts the truth.


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