How do you know when a marriage has expired?!

OK, so I love my husband. We are coming up on 4 years in less than 2 months. But in that short time, being as marriage are supposed to be forever, he's probably moved out 5 times. I love him to death, but it seems ever since I got pregnant with my youngest, we can't get along for more than a few months. And when he leaves, this arguing ad fighting and just get worse, so it's better off having him in the house, but only because it is a lesser of the 2 evils. Everyone always asks what I want, but I dunno... When he's here I want him gone, and when he's gone I want him home. Big trust issue has also developed somehow... although I have been 100% faithful. HELP ME PLEASE! My sanity relies on it.


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  • All you can do is be a fine upstanding citizen, and let the chips fall where they may.


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  • marriage counselling. this should help both of you to air out what's bugging you and causing the communication breakdown.