Is my boyfriend going to propose?

My best friends are concvinced he's going to! A week ago he brought up what I wanted for Christmas. He wants it to be something really good. I really couldn't think of anything besides clothes. He said he wants to get something better than that. He wasn't concerned about what he wanted at all. We've been together over 3 years.


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  • That's not much to go on. Honestly, if I were going to propose u wouldn't be asking about a Christmas gift in relation to that. So I'm not saying he won't, but that doesn't strike me as a good indication that he is.

    • Huh? What do u mean?

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    • Listen to your friends, they have a sense of something other than the Christmas gift. The fact that he is thinking about Christmas and trying to make sure you are happy shows he really cares, you obviously care about him, it'll happen just don't pressure yourself.

    • Yay thanks 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸

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  • Can't say for sure.


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