What makes a good wife?

Not speaking generally.
Just for you, what will make you happy?

Example, if she cooks for you.


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  • Marriage is not about whether she cooks or cleans, or whether he fixes the toilet and brings home a big paycheck.

    What makes a good wife (or husband) is the compatibility between the two, where they are better together, and worse alone. If two people can sit in an empty room together for weeks, and still find a way to laugh and smile, they're probably a good candidate for a spouse.


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  • I would tend to agree with some of the other comments posted, in the sense that there are only a few things I really want out of my wife. The first one is for her to be faithful to me. My first wife cheated on me and I really can't do that again, secondly I really want someone to cherish me as much as I cherish her, somebody who makes me feel both special and desired, and while it may sound cliche, it really is about all the little things that seem to make such a big difference, writing little notes in your lunch, the occasional love letter is nice too, making time for date nights, watching movies on the couch and sharing a big bowl of popcorn. I know this must sound strange coming from a guy, what can I say I'm a romantic. I want to know that I have value in the relationship, not for what I can do, but because of who I am and that this is why she is in Love with me.

  • I want a woman who loves me as much as I love her, who shows her love in her actions, and who has love for others.

  • Shared religious affiliation, somewhat traditional in that she is happy to let me be the leader, very fun and outgoing which would hopefully counteract my shyness, and ideally a virgin on the wedding night or at least willing to commit sexually to me alone. Infidelity is intolerable to me for both sexes. Physically I would like for her to be petite and blonde, sort of the stereotypical American girl-next-door look. Think Marisa Miller. That and has an extremely high sex-drive. I don't mind doing the cooking though however and being the main parent if I have to.

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  • I just need a woman who will challenge me to go above myself and beyond my current limitations. I have no problem ordering take out or cleaning up but I do want her to earn her own money even if I end up paying all the bills.

  • If she loves you and you love her.
    And especially if she would help you bury a body

  • Having Christian ideals.

  • Attractive and makes effort to keep herself attractive
    Sexually aggressive/available
    Don't expect her to cook and clean for me but those are definitely

  • Loving, caring, smiling, perfect mother, good in kitchen and bed.

  • Lots of great blowjobs.

  • We are personally compatible.
    She has a good sense of humor and is not easily offended.
    She is smart.
    She is sexually hungry, open minded and adventurous
    She has a good heart and is unselfish
    She has a positive and respectful attitude toward men (NO feminists!)
    She loves and wants to have children
    She is down to earth with realistic expectations

  • to love me and be faithful. and have discretion and simplicity.

  • Supportive, enjoyable to spend time with, sexually compatible, respectful to me, and our family members and contributes in some material way to our family (whether that's as a stay at home mother, or through some chores + salary).

  • Good Wife:
    1. Cuddles
    2. Talks openly about what's wrong but still takes full responsibility for her emotions
    3. Doesn't have to cook often but at least knows how
    4. Sensible with money
    5. Sexually assertive and communicative
    6. Respectful of and engaged with the rest of my family
    7. Playful
    8. Compassionate, especially with children
    9. Mostly tolerant of others life choices
    10. Realistic, flexible and comfortable out look on life
    11. Cares about appearance and health but not obsessively

    Great Wife:
    12. Enjoys TV and Movies including cartoons and anime
    13. Likes video games
    14. Likes outdoor activities and animals
    15. Explorative with food, sex, and music
    16. Likes Drinking, Marijuana, and partying in moderation
    17. Likes fashion
    18. Has a passionate hobby or career
    19. Wants kids
    20. Rarely fights and never gives the silent treatment
    21. Loves holidays and celebrations

    Unrealistically Perfect wife:
    22. Loves Cooking and is extremely good at it
    23. Makes just as much or way more money than me
    24. Unbelievably Gourgeous
    25. Loves cleanliness
    26. Good understanding of subjects like Biology, Psychology, Economics, and Sociology and likes discussing them
    27. Great dancer
    28. Hilarious
    29. Knows martial arts
    30. Great at creative writing, visual arts, or clothing design
    31. Good shot
    32. Wants to live around the world
    33. Good motivator to keep me in shape
    34. Loyal till one of us dies

  • Someone who i can connect to. I don't expect my wife to cook for me.

    I would love to spend time with my wife in the kitchen making OUR meals. I don't really expect my wife to be my servant only that she loves me for who i am.


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  • If I were ever to get married one day, what I would consider a good wife (that I would be) is to be genuine, and honest. I do like cooking so I wouldn't mind that but I don't want it to be expected all the time, I do think pleasing in bed too is a huge thing for wives and husbands. Just being nice too and not making each others lives difficult you want to be the home, you don't want them to feel they don't like being at home.

  • supportive and nurturing