What to say when he brings up marriage?

My boyfriend jokes about and brings up marriage a lot and honestly he's probably right and we will end up married at this rate. He points out things we should have at our wedding and things like that. But I get so awkward and don't know how to respond! I usually laugh it off because I feel awkward, but I don't want to hurt his feelings like I am laughing at the idea of marrying him. But we just started university and we are too young so it wouldn't really be socially acceptable. I'm happy that he thinks about our relationship that way but realistically it would have to be at least another 4-5 years (because we'd be graduated by then) assuming we could even afford the big wedding he wants after all the student loans! How can I exmplain to him kindly that our educations have to be first priority, because it's not 1950 and they don't give out good jobs for only a high school diploma anymore. Should I just say "I could definatley see myself marrying you but I think school has to come first." or something along those lines? Would coming clean about how I feel help me be less awkward about it?


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  • Just tell him you want to talk about all this marriage talk. Then just tell him how you feel. Tell him you expectations of this relationship as well.


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  • Yeah just tell him "hey you know I love you babe, but it's hard for me to think about marriage right now because it's so early. Like it wouldn't be until after we both graduate in 4-5 years, so it's hard to get excited about it or talk about it until it gets closer"


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  • Definitely talk to him! A little honest, clear communication is all that's needed here.