How do I know I picked the right guy to marry?

I'm not engaged yet, but I have a feeling it's coming soon. I feel so strongly for my boyfriend, and now that we've lived together for a few months I feel confident that I'd say yes if he asked me to marry him.

But how do I know for sure that I'll be happy with him forever? I don't really see divorce as an option, except in certain cases (adultery, abuse, etc). What questions should I ask myself? What questions should I ask him?

The only reason I'm worried is I always saw myself ending up with a different type of guy. Goofy but patient with a heart of gold. My boyfriend's got the goofy part down, but he jokes around too much and sometimes comes across as a dick. Sometimes I wish he had more compassion. I mean he's almost always a total sweetheart towards me, but I do wish he'd be kind to other people as well. I want my husband to be a good man.


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  • If you have to ASK this question, then he's probably not the right man for you to marry. If you knew he was the right guy, you wouldn't even have asked this kind of question.

    So maybe it's time to talk about this issue with your boyfriend and sort things out, rather than risk a bad marriage.


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