My Boyfriend Wants Us to Spend Out Live Together But Spends More Time Having Fun?

My boyfriend wants us to get married and spend our lives together and I'm ok with that and I do want to marry him. The problem is that he spends more time wanting to have fun (mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, video/computer games etc.) than he does not only NOT thinking/planning our future, but also not doing simple things such as remembering things like looking for an apartment, keeping track of important documents. keeping track of his things and so forth. He also want to do the things he wants to do but he want everybody (me, his friends and parents) to do everything he wants to do when he wants to do it. I don't mind taking turns doing different things or trying new things that we both want to do but he doesn't even negotiate me about it, he just want me to blow off work or anything else I have scheduled in order to do these things with him. Although when I come up with an idea of something I want to do or something that I think both of us would enjoy, he'll shoot down or call it stupid, this is usually because he didn't think of it first; or because it's not when he wants to do it or because he doesn't want to do anything out his element. Sometimes I feel he's immature and just wants to be a big kid, though he's 30! How can I work this out with him?


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  • You say he's 30 years old, yet still acts like this! .. Am afraid you are on to a loser here, as it is blatantly obvious that he is still a little boy (who will throw his dummy out of his pram when he doesn't get his own way) who will never grow up, and commit himself.

    Am very, very sorry in having to say, that you really do need to consider your future with him, and to review your options carefully.

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